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 LEED Construction

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LEED Construction Companies protect the environment with responsible construction practices

LEED Construction

Welcome to LEED Construction

LEED Construction Companies protect the environment with responsible construction practicesWe hear in the news quite a bit about 'going green.' The question construction companies must to ask is how can they keep construction projects at cost but at the same time harmonious with the environment? The answer is becoming a LEED construction company and using the LEED certification process on their projects.

What does LEED certification mean for commercial construction companies?

  • Reduction of waste sent to landfills
  • Conservation of water and energy
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Qualify for tax allowances, zoning accommodations and other incentives
  • Lower costs of operation and increased asset value

In addition to the above there is also the peace of mind of knowing that you show that you genuinely care about the environment and the social responsibilities you have as a business. Green buildings promote healthy living by existing in harmony with the environment. They decrease carbon emissions by using energy efficient appliances and bio-degradable or recyclable materials.

The financial benefits of LEED certification like lower cost of operation and asset value make it a win-win for construction companies. In effect, LEED certification rewards LEED construction companies, real estate developers and business owners for being conscientious about their impact on the environment. As the increasing demand for green buildings continues, this will open up additional jobs which will stimulate growth in the construction economy. This in turn will require a skilled and knowledgeable workforce about environmentally friendly technology and motivate the search for new and more cost-effective ways to maintain a sustainable balance with the environment.

In the end, green commercial buildings and energy efficient housing make sense. LEED-certification for future building projects may become mandatory. While some organizations may be late coming on board with construction involving green buildings, the LEED construction companies that have already taken a pro-active stand towards sustainable environment conservation will benefit from the financial benefits and increase in property value.

Investors for the construction projects need to be educated and involved in the process of LEED-certification. It benefits all involved ultimately. Healthy living and work environments, profitability and tax breaks and incentives make for an appealing enticement to 'go green.' Informing the general public and shareholders is crucial to getting more organizations to build green buildings when undertaking new construction projects.

LEED-certification for new buildings or existing buildings is the wave of the future and the direction we need to go in to preserve the environment. The days of lead-based paints, appliances that waste power and water and asbestos are over. Project Coordinators, architects, electricians, woodworkers, LEED construction companies . . . there are many different parties involved in construction projects from the planning phase to implementation.

The most powerful and effective tool is an informed consumer. Inquire about whether the construction company uses energy efficient fixtures, or has any water conservation measures in place. The more aware the public is about the importance of green buildings, the more construction companies and developers will deliver construction projects that comply with the criteria for green buildings. It benefits LEED construction companies, big business and the tenants, the shareholders, investors and the community in general. In other words, everyone wins.

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This website was created to promote green building, LEED construction companies and LEED certification by Bob Moore Construction Company. Bob Moore Construction is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the first Platinum Level member of the USGBC north Texas chapter. The company is also a member of AGC, Tilt-up Concrete Association, and the OSHA Local Partnership Program. For more information about Bob Moore Construction visit



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